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WELAX™ Shiatsu Massage Pillow - Electric Shoulder Neck & Back Massager With Heating

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  • NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF - The WELAX™ shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow with an ergonomic design fits your body perfectly to give you a cozy massage which is perfect for use on the neck, lower and upper back, abdomen, calf, thigh and more, which helps to relieve aches, knots, tension and stress.


  • RELAXATION - This neck pillow with 8 kneading massage nodes imitates a real massage from a masseuse. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotating nodes offer a complete shiatsu massage experience. Nodes automatically change directions every minute for a thorough massage.


  • SAFETY FUNCTION - Programmed with 20 minutes auto-off function it helps to avoid overuse when falling asleep. Equipped with an Overheat Protection feature, the electric device will automatically shut off the motor to ensure the user's safety and prevent damage to the unit.


  • SOOTHING HEAT - The massage neck pillow with heating provides gentle warmth to soothe tired muscles, relieve aches thoroughly and promote blood circulation. The massage nodes can be heated to 40 degrees and is great for relieving tightness with warmth without feeling pain on the skin.


  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - The stretchable strap attaches the massager securely to your chair. One button satisfies all your demands which helps you relax and relieve muscle pain and tightness. You can get a deep, relaxing massage at home or in the office! It's powerful but can be used gently depending on how you position yourself against it.

WELAX™ Shiatsu Massage Pillow - Electric Shoulder Neck & Back Massage Machine With Heating


Neck Back Shoulder Massager

Electric Massage Pillow Machine

Massager With Heat For Seat Recliner

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Serena N

Soo soo good! I love how portable this is. Use it at the dinner table, on the couch, in bed, in the office. It really gets into the knots in my back and neck too! Best investment in a while


Wendy S

Very comforting after a long hard day at work!


Sarah M

Better than a real massage as you can control the level of pressure. Heat is an added bonus which can also be turned off if required. Got it this morning and turned on, already feeling better :)


Maggie T

I purchased the WELAX shiatsu pillow massager because I am tired of always going to a massage parlour and always end up paying a big amount of money. This massager is a perfect size for me. I put this on my back while watching tv, working on my computer or even sitting in the passenger seat of a car .


John P

I Love this massage pillow, it is not noisy as other ones that I had. You can tie it to a chair & adjust up & down so you can have a whole back & even neck massage